Fizz Drop Luck

I have brewed a few 1 gallon batches, and I have a 5 gallon ready to bottle this weekend.
For the 1 gallon batches I used the included fizz drops and the carbonation came out perfect. Maybe I got lucky and the temp was just right but it was only in the bottle for exactly 1 week and not the 2-3 weeks it says on the package.
Has anyone else had good luck with using fizz drops as well?
I stored the beer bottles in my closet in a cubby. I think the temp was right around 67-68 degrees the whole time.
For the 5 gallon I will be using Dextros, but if the fizz drops ever come back from being out of stock I may use those for now on.

What are your opinions or luck using fizz drops?
Did I just get lucky?

I have used them and they work fine if you don’t want to dial in your carbonation level. I force-carb in the keg the vast majority of my beers. I bottle condition, on occasion, left-overs using Coopers Carbonation Drops. (Which I believe NB is re-packaging and calling “Fizz Drops”

I usually keg, but almost always fill a few bottles after racking to the keg. I don’t bother with a priming solution, bottling bucket, etc. For me, drops are easier. I’ve used the coopers. They work ok, but I’ve switched to using Brewers Best Conditioning Tabelts because they take multiple drops, which gives you more control on the carbonation level. 3 for low, 4 medium, 5 high carbonation.