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Fixing a poor tasting stout

Brewed NB’s Dry Irish Stout a while ago. Thought I would try the alternative dry yeast S-04 this time instead of WY 1084. Could be a brewing fault but I would describe the beer as flabby. Probably compounded the taste problem by only carbonating to 1.9 volumes. It was not dry even though the S-04 stopped at the same FG as WY 1084.

In a couple days I’ll try one of the stouts at a higher carbonation level. Attempting to increase the carbonation with a partial Domino Dot in each bottle. Only added the extra sugar to two bottles for a trial. Since a Dot will yield approximately 2.4 volumes and I already had 1.9 it seemed half a Dot would be appropriate.

Found you cannot cut a Dot cleanly. There are a lot of loose sugar particles. As soon as these particles (AKA nucleation points) hit the beer there is foaming. Had the bench capper ready so only a bit of foam out of the bottle. Might work out for the best though. Commercial beers are canned/ bottled on the foam to exclude air.

I cold brewed some medium roast Folgers ground coffee while waiting for the trial bottles to achieve extra carbonation. Four tablespoons of ground coffee in 10 ounces of water. The coffee bite has taken care of the flabbiness and the aroma is pretty good too. Still too flat though.

When you use “flabby”, do tell what you mean? Taste-less? No acid bite? Sneezles61

No distinctive flavors compared to the other brews and no dry finish. Could also describe it as dull.

I brewed that same kit awhile ago and would have to agree with you. I also thought it was under carbonated per the recommended volumes but decided that this style of stout was acceptable with low carbonation. Used 1084.

Also thought the taste was not as expected. Maybe the English yeast was a bit on the fruity side.

Drop a raisons in each bottle for starters if still under carbed try 2

Under carbed beer can come off flabby due to the lack of carbonic acid giving it additional bite as well as perceived dryness.

I’m hoping the two bottles with added priming sugar will be better. Doubt if I’ll risk using S-04 again though.

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I’ve made some good beer using 04 so it may be something else. I’ve switched to 1968 and like it a little better but I still keep some 04 around for emergency

I use 1084 in my dry irish stout. It’s very similar to NB’s. Haven’t brewed it in a while but it’s always good…the carbonation should help. Coffee will definitley give it more bite.

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