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Five star LLC?

What are you guys using for line cleaning? Anyone use the five star liquid line cleaner? I have an old bottle of BLC that I’ve used a couple times but saw that five star makes a line cleaner and I really like their other products.

Beer. I try to alternate serving lines when I purge sanitizer from a keg…that’s all the line cleaning I do :slight_smile:


I’ve used both and really couldn’t tell the difference. Clean lines are clean lines. I will also alternate with cleaning with PBW.

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Every once in awhile I’ll fill a small keg with super hot water and run it through the lines. The lines never get air contact so not much worry. The faucet is more important

I think I am slacking in this area. When a keg runs out I usually clean with pbw and then attach back to the beer line and run some through the tap. Then let it sit for a few hours or maybe until the next day, then rinse the pbw out of the keg and put some star San in it and run some of that through the beer line and tap. Then I leave it there until the next keg is up.

I guess I should be taking the faucets apart and soaking the parts ? They are perlick 630ss flow controls.

BLC when I think to do it.

I typically go the lazy route and do like @uncdeo and just push more beer through my lines. After my knee surgery and going a few weeks without beers ready to go, I decided to break down and actually clean my lines and faucets.

I used liquid beer line cleaner and used my little pump from my carboy washer to recirculate it through based on a post I’d seen on here a while back. Then I recirculated plain water for a few minutes to rinse and finally used Star San pushed up from a clean keg, which both served to hopefully completely purge the keg to be ready for next use and sanitized my lines. It maaaaaay have been two years since I last did that. :blush:



I too recirculate using a pump. For giggles I took apart the faucet after recirculating and it was just as new. No crud. I only take them apart now only so often to make sure but I don’t think it’s needed.

This. Occasionally. I may have run PBW through the lines one time a few years ago…

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Me every 2 months replace the beer lines. But have been looking a a beer line cleaning system. Seems to be bit easier

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