First timer here.

Hey everybody. I’m going to brew my first batch this weekend and have a question. Have any of y’all used growlers with twist off caps when bottling? I have 4 empty ones and thought about using those along with the 22oz bottles.

Welcome to the forum. Twist-offs work fine, but the gasket in the cap can wear out after a couple of uses. A dab of keg lube will often seal them back up for at least one more run after they fail under normal use.

I’ve had a couple blow so I stopped using them. I figured the glass was not rated for that pressure? Might be wrong tho.

I have no personal experience with them but I talked to someone who had one blow and put glass shards in the ceiling. Not sure if he mixed sugar wrong, or the glass isn’t rated for the pressure, but be careful if you use them.

Seems odd that a container made to store already carbonated beer would explode unless there was way too much carbonation. Sure filling from a tap might be somewhat less pressure but a decent growler without any damage should be OK. I have used them in the past without any problems but now almost exclusively keg so just fill them.

For caps, most LHBS sell replacements in either metal or plastic.