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First time using Safbrew WB-06

These two threads led me to trying WB-06 for NB’s Bavarian Hefeweizen instead of the usual WY 3068.

Basically using the WY-3068 chart from Fermentis for more spice than banana. High pitch rate into a well aerated wort, and fermented cool. Really surprised that WB-06 is so much less active than 3068. Never had more than a 1.5 inch krausen beginning the fermentation in the low 60° range. Have the temperature of the primary bumped to 66°F now in day 5 of the fermentation. Air lock smells good. Have hopes it will turn out well.

I’ve had great success with web-06. In fact, my tasters have preferred that over 3068, although I’ve never done a side-by-side.

I second liking the wb06

I bought all the stuff for a Hefe last week and went back to trusty 3068. Always has explosive fermentation with it and lots of banana/clove flavor I like. I saved enough wort for a monster starter, enough for 20 gallons. It’s still frozen in ZipLocs due to stuff getting in the way of brewing though. Maybe next week. The WB worked great though last time. It just didn’t seem to have the out front taste of 3068.

The Bavarian Hefeweizen fermented with WB-06 was in the primary for 12 days as of yesterday when I took the first SG reading. SG was 1.009. Beer was bright yellow and very cloudy. Sample was very tart. No hint of clove or banana. Beer is beginning to clear this morning. Hopefully the taste will change when all the yeast that was still suspended in the SG sample drops. I’m holding the temperature at 69°F. This was the highest temperature reached during active fermentation.

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