First Time Irish Dry Stout

I just brewed my first beer, an Irish Dry Stout Extract kit from Midwest. I accidently put almost a full ounce of the nugget hops in at the begining of the boil. The receipe called for half an ounce. I was wondering if it will make the beer too hoppy for the style? This is my first time brewing. I really enjoyed the process and hope it tastes good! Thank Kev

Adding too much hops at the begining of the boil will make the beer too bitter, but won’t add significant hop flavors. Keep going and don’t worry about it, it may be just fine. Worst case: you’ll need to let those bottles age for a few months to let the bitterness mellow out some, and you know one definate way to improve for your second batch.

I think you will be fine. Midwest’s kit is on the mild side for bitterness. The Northern Brewer Dry Stout extract kit uses 2 oz cluster hops for 60 minutes - and it turns out nice also.

I brewed the NB dry stout late January. I was concerned about the amount of hops for the style and because I’m not huge fan of hoppy beers but it was my second batch so I just went ahead and followed the recipe. Tasted it when I racked to secondary and it was awesome. I don’t know the difference between the 2 hops but I’d think it should turn out fine.

Cool, and thanks for the replies. I have it bottled now. Forgot to put the priming sugar in at first and had to empty the beer bottles back in the fermentation bucket. Then, I added the priming sugar and bottled the beer. Luckily, I was using swing top bottles. :smiley: I will be trying it around the first week of march!