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First time homebrewer, first time post

I just popped the bottle on my very first homebrew yesterday. My wife purchased the kit for my birthday back in March and it’s been a bit of a journey getting to tasted that St. Paul Porter, but well worth it.

Can’t wait to check on this forum and share my own brew tales.

If you are bored you can read mine here:

Welcome to the obsession!!! :cheers:

First of many. Brew on!

OH man, welcome to the darkside. I highly recommend getting another batch going asap. Any other one of our hosts kits are a great way to continue your dive into the great world of homebrewing. Feel free to fire off some questions everyone around here is great and knowledgable.

Black IPA kit and you will not regret it…Welcome !

^Good choice! But if you do anything with a Starting Gravity that hard you need to dive into the world of yeast starters or at least by two packages of yeast to get you through that much fermentable material.

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