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First time growing hops and they seem too dry

I’m new to growing hops and growing in general, it looks as if the leaves or plant is not getting enough water, or perhaps too much sun? Can anyone clarify…

That doesn’t look good… fungus or something maybe? Are all the leaves like that? I’ve seen a few get that way at the base, and I trim them away right away, and the rest look fine. If it was a lack of water, I’d expect the leaves to shrivel all over.

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Just two of them have this, not sure what’s causing it

I would cut off any leaves with brown edges and throw them out (don’t just leave them to mulch, get them away from the hops or other plants). Looks like you have additional good growth on the bines, so you should be fine.

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I usually trim off the unhealthy looking bines and encourage the healthy ones. Some say to trim the first bines.

Looks like downy mildew. Better read up on that…

Downy mildew will have a white powdery looking appearance, I suspect its lacking nitrogen. Try give it some miracle grow, and don’t over water them. Sneezles61

I’ve been going back and forth between water and miracle grow… Can you elaborate on what “over watering” is? I planted half my hops in pots and half in the ground. These particular ones are in pots which have holes at the bottom. An hour or so after watering the water starts to leak out the bottom which I believe is what I want. So, how do I know what is over watering vs enough vs deprivation?

Growing hops in the pots may not be a good idea, maybe for short term until they can get in the soil. I would think then that whatever soil/medium would need a lot of extra nutrients to help those big eaters maintain. Stick yer finger into the soil up to yer knuckle, if its barely damp, yer OK, I would mix a weak solution of miracle grow and every other time you water use some. I removed hops from an area this spring and had roots as long as the plants! 30’ above ground and very close to that below ground! They are heavy feeders… Sneezles61

I think this is caused by cool temps and wet conditions. The newer leaves look better.

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