First time doing a yeast starter

I did a yeast starter for the first time. For a 1 gallon AG I boiled 1 cup of water with 2 TBSP of DME, brought to room temp and then mixed in a 1/2 a packet of white labs Edinborough yeast. I then let it sit (sealed with plastic wrap) for 18 hours. My brew has been fermenting now for about 1 week and the bubbles were moderately slow at first and now maybe I see 1 bubble every other day. Any thoughts on what may have gone wrong or if this is normal would be appreciated.

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Those White Labs packs are designed for 5 gallons of up to 1.060 wort. That amount of yeast will rip through one gallon in no time at all. You’re batch has likely completed fermenting, but it doesn’t hurt to let it sit another week before you move to the bottling step.

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Indeed your brew might be ready. Take a grav reading. To make sure your beer is at the right final grav. Let it sit for one week more take a other reading. The yeast you did use works awesome. But next time take a 1/4of if for a gallon brew

Thank you!

That is the only way to know. Ordinarily I would say take a reading and toss the sample. With the precious small amount in a one gallon, maybe not. Just sanitize everything.

I also don’t usually suggest not making a starter but as @voltron said, the yeast pack is designed for 5 gallons so you are still using 2.5 time more yeast than needed unless it is a very big beer.

If I read the orginal post correctly, the yeast would have been added with one cup of water. So the SG/FG measurement(s) shouldnt impact the yield for the batch.

When I try new stuff with one gallon batches, I aim to get a gallon into the bottling stage, but accept that I’ll often get eight bottles due things that happen the 1st couple of times I try something.

As for what to do with the SG sample, has anyone tried doing a forced fermentation test with it?

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A forced fermentation on an SG sample would save beer compared to multiple samples. Confirming fermentation is done, rather than hoping it is done by giving the beer extra time in the primary can save some worry about over carbed or exploding bottles.