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First time Cider

Looking to make small batch of Hard Cider - using Orchard Cider - no preservative - looking at simmering for 45 minutes - adding in some honey - for two gallons of cider about one pound of honey - does that sound about right - then cooling and using Wyeast 4766
let it sit in fermentation for 3 - 4 weeks - then secondary to clear up -
bottlr using carb tablets and enjoy - any suggestions would be welcome

Don’t heat the juice. If you don’t have a hydrometer get one. Read as much as you can online before proceeding, and search the Northern Brewer site first, it has a lot of good information.

Why would you want to cook your apple juice? Don’t heat it at all. When you say “Orchard Cider” is that pressed cider from an orchard that has not been pasteurized? Or is that a bottled cider brand that has been pasteurized?

If it’s fresh cider for an orchard, use campden (potasium metabisulfate) tablets to eliminate any wild yeast before you add your own. If it’s bottled cider that’s been pasteurized, then you can just pitch your yeast straight in along with your honey.

Read up on the interweb on how to make cider. It’s super easy because you don’t have to heat anything.

OK - Thank you - after adding the tablets and waiting 24 hours - pitch the yeast and let it ferment -
can I put in some Honey now - or should I wait till it is thru the primary and secondarily the add some honey before bottling - assume if add Honey at the end did not to add carb tablets to the bottles to carbonate

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