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First time cider how am i doing

first ferment I purchased 5 gal. of pasteurized cider from a local orchard added 2lbs of brown sugar and pitched wyeast 4766 cider yeast in my big mouth bubbler with air lock. OG 1.076 On day 11 gravity was 1.010.I racked 3gal. in a 3gal. carboy and bottled the rest. I have a few questions. will the 3gal. finish to 1.000 gravity and about how long will it take at say 55 degrees F. Also can I expect the bottles to carbonate with the remaining sugar and are they safe. thanks

with that much sugar left in solution the bottles may explode.

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^^^ Will. My ciders generally finish in the 0.996-0.998 range. Just a rough calculation, if it finishes dry (and it probably will), you’re looking at about 6 volumes carbonation. The only thing that will hold that kind of pressure is heavy champagne bottles. Beer bottles will shatter well before you get to those levels of pressure.

How long have they been bottled? If it has been less than a week, I’d recommend you open one every day or so to monitor pressure. Once they hit sufficient carbonation, and I’d err on the low side, I would seriously look into bottle pasteurization to kill the yeast.

I agree with uncdeo. You have generated dangerous bombs. I am dead serious. Get the cider out of those bottles immediately.

They are in plastic bottles four 3 days now checked one last night very little carb could i ckeck them dayly and pasturize before explosion. 4 are in grolsh bottles. Thanks

That’s good - you can use the plastic bottles to gauge carbonation levels without opening them. Good luck! I believe that @jimrmaine bottle-pasteurizes his cider, and can probably give some good tips on how to do this safely.

Ok thanks ill check it out and keep a close eye on them!

Do you think i could watch them close and pasturize or is it to dangerous. I appreciate your help

The plastic will be okay, but might be gushers when you do open them. The Grolsch bottles, you can pasteurize as soon as you know carbonation is done in the plastics. If you can move those out to plastic as well, and/or empty all bottles and let them finish fermentation, it would truly be best.

Ok. Yea i think ill empty them and let them finish thanks.

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