First stout ready for secondary?

Started my first stout on 3/20. It is this kit from Jasper’s. … ast-stout/

Everything has been going well. OG was 1.087. However, fermentation seemed very short compared to the DIPAs I usually do. Heavy fermentation started quickly but was only visible for about 4 days. Since then airlock bubbles have been about 20 to 30 seconds apart.

Tonight I pulled a sample, it came in at 1.028. Instructions state 1.018 - 1.022. Not much seems to be happening, do you think this batch is ready to rack to secondary? Ready to get the beer away from the thick layer of cocoa fat.

I did taste the sample, it was excellent so far. Heavy coffee, chocolate, and dark malt flavor. Very excited. This will also be my first batch to be kegged. :cheers:

I’d let it set for another week or two. The bigger and more malt forward beers tend to do well with the extra time. Also, the yeast will clean up after themselves even after active ferm is done. No need for a secondary, unless you want to use the yeast cake. Sounds like a heckuva good stout. Let us know how it turns out! :cheers: