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First stout first batch

Ok, I posted two weeks ago, I made the bass ale with 10x to much roasted barley, making if a stout. I tried it tonight after two weeks fermentation and was actually quite good although flat. I realize it will carbonate with kegging and bottling, but what I am really worried about is a strong aftertaste. Will that clam down with a little aging ? I am also wondering if the real high PH of my ware may be cause of it. The PH is 7.9, country well water very hard from limestone.


Since you mention using an excessive amount of roasted barley I’m assuming this was an all grain batch so the pH of your mash would have been reduced significantly by the dark grains in a porter or stout grain bill.

What is the after taste? Two weeks isn’t long to condition a dark beer and carbonation will definitely alter the way it tastes.

Don’t think I can really describe the after taste perhaps it’s the beer itself or the alcohol. It did register at 8%

The ph of the water doesn’t really matter that much. It’s the ph of the mash that brewers are concerned about. Aslo, a ph of 7.9 doesn’t seem that high to me. It’s close to the ph of my water (8.0), and I’ve never had a problem with it.

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