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First shot at mead

Hello all, i took my first shot at making a simple honey mead. 1 gall batch with 3lbs of wisconsin clover honey. i used ec-1118 yeast (hope thats right) used half the package per instructions. activated yeast by heating water to 104 per instructions at let sit for 15 min then gently stirred and pitched. it been going on three days and still no activity in air lock. i have 1 gal in 2 gal plastic bucket. is this normal and i should just keep waiting or is there something i should be worried about?

thanks in advance for any help

Did you add any yeast nutrient and energizer? Did you aerate the must well after mixing up? You can always pop the lid and take a peek.

I’ve used EC-1118 for mead and it makes a nice dry mead.

I answered this based on the info you provided in case anyone else has the same question. Given the time that has passed, did it ever kick off and ferment for you?

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