First "re-pitch"

If’m going to pitch some yeast from a previous batch I brewed last week. IT will be about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks total by the time I get to brewing the new batch. This board has helped me a ton, but still need a little clarification.
I attached a picture of one of the mason jars I have the yeast in, which I’ve kept in the fridge. y main question is the different layers. When I pitch, I assume I decant most of the beer off.

I know the bottom layer is trub, hops, etc. There are 2 layers above that. Which is the yeast? And do I pour it off and put that in a sanitized mason jar to pitch?

I’ve found that in actual practice there’s no need to worry about the different layers. For almost 30 years now, I’ve been simply saving the entire yeast cake from the bottom of my primaries into whatever flask (or other jar) I currently have available, and pitching 1/3 to 1/2 of it into the subsequent brew. I’ve routinely done this through anywhere from 3 to 12 generations of brews (and sometimes more than that) with no issues, no off flavors, and no stalled ferments (even after going from average brews to strong ones, and back again).
The success with doing this will obviously vary with various yeast strains, but with my house strain and the three or four most popular commercial strains I occasionally use, there have never been any problems.
Just keep everything clean and sanitized.

Prof, Do you just decant and pitch, or do you ever make a starter to check viability.