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First Mead - A Little Help

I recently purchased Curt and Kathy’s Sweet Mead kit form Northern Brewer. This will be my first attempt at Mead. I have been doing extracts for a couple of years now and my next beer will be a BIAB as a way to get in to all-grain…

Two Christmas’s ago, I purchased a bottle of Mead from a local shop and I loved it. It was a Spiced Mead from Fox Hill Meadery in Marshal, N.C. The employees at the store called it “Christmas in a Bottle” and that was what it tasted like. I saved the bottle. The label says the Mead was made with cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and orange zest.

My question is, has anyone made a five gallon batch of Mead with these ingredients? Or similar to it? What are the proportions for the ingredients?

I don’t expect my first Mead to taste exactly like the Spiced Mead I purchased, but I would like to make something as close to it as possible.

I have seen several recipes for “Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead” but those recipes use sliced whole oranges and not just the zest.

Any suggestions? Is Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead the recipe I am looking for?



I’d give JAOM a try. I make it every once in awhile and just add the orange zest and juice, no need to add the pith. Just zest the outer layer of the orange that has all the citrus oils, and leave the white pith behind.

Thanks for the advice.

I forgot to mention. All the recipes I have seen for JAOM have been for 1 gallon batches and I want to make 5 gallons. Do I just scale up?

Yup! Just be warned, jaom comes out VERY sweet. I back off on the honey a wee bit.

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