First Lager

I purchased the El Modelo De Mayo and recently brewed it. I used a yeast start and placed it in a temperature control freezer at 54 degrees. At the present it is fermenting well. This is my first attempt at brewing a lager

My main question is concerning the lagering. I have read two schools of thought on this. One is to lower the temperature to 35 to 40 degrees and allowed the beer to lager on the yeast. The other is to transfer the beer to a secondary and lager it at the same temperature (35-40 degrees) off the yeast.

Simply put which would be the better method to prevent any off flavor or would there be any difference between the the two ways.

I don’t think you’ll be able to taste any difference. I usually leave my beers in the primary and lager there. Just easier that way. I would rack the beer to secondary if I wanted to use the yeast cake to make another lager, or if I was racking the beer onto fruit or something like that. But otherwise, you can safely skip the secondary.

I rack to kegs and lager in them. With my setup it is easier space-wise to have them in the keg.

Thanks for the information. I think I will just let it lager in the primary and then bottle it.

You’ll get a lot of different personal and professional opinions on lagers (as with any beer in general) so pick something and test it out. I personally rack mine to secondary because I like to reuse yeast right away. I always do a d-rest just because. And I just toss it in the fridge right at 35* and let it ride for at least a month if not two or more.