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First Lager for me

Got my hands on a dorm refer, so will try to do a lager for my next brew. It will be a beer called world wide lager that I bumped up with beersmith.
11# pilsner
.75# caramalt
1oz perle@30
1oz saaz@ 5
Danish lager Wyeast 2042
From what I’ve read max temp is 56 deg. min temp is 46 deg. Is that what I hold at for the first 2 weeks and then drop the temp to about 34 deg.? Has anyone used this yeast before?
Also I noticed I need a lot more yeast than with an ale. Beersmith tells me I need 425 billion for a beer ABV of 5.6 with a OG of 1.056. Is this normal?

Danish lager is a good yeast. Very clean is same yeast that Miller uses. When I use it I ferment around 50/52. The yeast calculator is right you need more yeast cells this will help with the lag time and get you going sooner. You want to pitch a good health amount of yeast to ensure your beer will finish. After the two weeks at low temperature do a d-rest and let temperature rise to 70 or so for few days to make sure the yeast takes care of the remaining sugars and off flavors that can some lager yeast produce. Then crashed down to as cold as can with out freezing for two weeks.

I agree but I would lager for at least a month. Are you bottling or kegging?

If you’re bottling do that first. Give it plenty of time to carb then lager it.

I’ll be kegging. Can I age in the keg?

Best lagering vessel known to man!

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