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First IPA

I recently brewed my first IPA. Due to the addition of hops in the last minute (and way more hops than I am use to using for that matter) there is already a lot of settlement when I transferred it into the primary fermenter.

  1. Is it recommended to strain this settlement out before adding it to the primary fermenter, or just leave it behind after siphoning to the second fermenter?

  2. At first glance it is also much darker than expected, any ideas as of how this could happen?

I brewed two IPA so far and in the first I didn’t really know what I should have poured and poured the whole pot. It was NB Kiwi Express, and it came out awesome. Most of it settled into the trub, and the rest settled in the bottle. The second batch I used a bag during hopping and later learned you get actual usage by doing this. However the trub seemed to be cleaner this time when I harvested it but the overall quality IMO was still good. As for the dark color, did you use extract? Extracts are normally darker in color, it could also have been due to settling and possible scorching/burning on the bottom of your kettle.

It won’t hurt anything to leave the hop sediment in there, though many on here utilize different methods to get rid of it (or capture it during the boil, such as a hop spider or muslin bags). I have a decant step after my chill before I pitch for example, because I typically reuse yeast.

On your color, +1 to the extract issue, also, are you looking at it in a carboy? It will look darker in a carboy than it will in your glass at serving simply due to the amount of liquid in there.

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