First brew!

Ok, here we go! Brewed first batch that came with the NB starter kit, Caribou Slobber, on 2/21. Pitched rehydrated Windsor @ 70° and nothing happened for 8 hours. But then! Wow it took off like a rocket for 20 hours @ a controlled 66-68° then the action died off.

Watched closely for 7 days without much activity and racked off into a secondary. I considered skipping this step due to many reads against it but I just needed a taste :-). Tasted kinda ehhh but interesting.

Today I FINALLY received my hydrometer testing equipment, yea I missed the OG reading. SG today is 1.013 and the sample tasted wonderful compared to just a few days ago. I like it!

Gonna let her sit for a few more days and check SG again but I think it’s done. Bottle in a week or 2 then the heavy tasting research into this brew starts.:smiley:

PS: Got a dry stout kit waiting in the wings, love Guinness!

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Congrats on the first brew! This one does well with age, but we all know from experience that much aging will not happen on the first brew. But do yourself a favor and cellar a six pack (if this is a 5 gallon batch) for about 3 months or so. It will definitely get better .




That sounds like an excellent suggestion! I better have the missus hide it so I can’t pillage it to soon.

Congratulations, and welcome to your next, best obsession!
Now it’s time to get working on your 2nd batch…

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My first brew was the Chinook IPA but the hops didn’t really come through. I followed instructions exactly and stored hops in the freezer until brew day. Not even any real hop aroma from the dry hop. The beer does not taste contaminated either. It’s bitter, but more of a standard pale ale than an IPA. It still tastes great though.