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First Brew, No Bubbles in Airlock After 40 Hours

It’s my first brew. Brewing a zombie dust clone using S-04 yeast. Not seeing any bubbles in the airlock after 40 hours. I popped the lid open and saw Krausen. Can you guys tell me if I am on the right track here?

The bucket lid most likely is not sealing well. Common problem. The CO2 was escaping around the rim rather than building some pressure to reach the air lock.
Poor seal will not ruin your beer.

True, now get that lid back on!

Thanks guys! Lid was off for maybe 30 seconds. Going to let this sit 2 weeks from beginning of fermentation. Then will dry hop 3-4 days 1/2 of what recipe call for dry hopping. Then will rack to keg and dry hop another 3-4 days using the other half of the dry hops called for in the recipe.

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