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First brew day

Hello all. Just finished my first brew day (Caribou Slobber) with the Deluxe Starter Kit from Northern Brewer. All went well and I hit my O.G. spot on, but I’m wondering why the carboy bung isn’t staying on as it should. Maybe it’s still moist from the star san, but it keeps popping up to where it’s pretty lose. I don’t want to let it sit for two weeks like that. Any info would be appreciated!


Yes, moisture/slipperiness from the starsan. You can keep it in place with a wrap of plastic-wrap. then, in a day or so as it drys, you can push it in place and it will stay.


Dipping it in vodka will also help make the bung stick better

Thanks guy, much appreciated!

Yeah, I had that problem with my first batch. I just used a towel to dry off the bung (only the sides, not the bottom) and it was fine.

I had that issue and said screw it and taped it…will suck if i get in a blow off situation. But i also look at my carboys a lot so i would know if one was coming. Some people just stick a blow off hose right in there from the beginning.

I’m definitely going shopping for a better carboy bung before my next brew day. I’m going to have nightmares about oxygen getting in my carboy.

I use and like these: … range.html

Don’t worry about it. Just let it sit on the top of the bottle for a while. When it dries for a while you can push it down and it will stay.

+1 to the vodka.
Congrats on the first brewday!

I have had too many blowoffs while I was gone at work so I have gone straight to the blowoff hose setup and have had no further problems.

Is there a certain time a blowoff will happen? More likely during the first two days? More likely with different yeasts or just random?

Thanks for all the comments, guys/gals!

Brewing again this Sunday. It’s addicting.


If you have a 6 gal carboy, you shouldn’t have blow off, unless there is a high gravity and yeast is very very active. The bung stinks, but the rubber ones do the same thing. after one use of the new bung it will get kind of “broken in” to say, and it shouldn’t slip out again. Check the reviews for the bungs, there’s problems with them all.

Yeah usually the blowoff will happen wihin the first few days. After that it starts to settle down and you can go back to the bubblers if you wish.

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