First beer from NB that I'm not happy with

rebel rye porter…followed the instructions to a t, my initial instinct was to dial back the whiskey, since i’m not a hard alcohol drinker at all…but I decided to follow directions. maybe it’s me, but the whiskey is very prevalent in this beer and it’s about all i get right now. i brewed this on 9/23 and bottled it on Sunday. hopefully it will be ok with a few months of cellaring.

Cellaring will help the whiskey meld and mellow out.

I recently brewed this and am about to add the oak. I plan to add only as much whiskey as it took to cover up the oak and then taste it in a few days or so to see how it’s doing. I’m kegging it so I figure I can always add whiskey but can’t take it out (I guess you might be able to age it out a bit).

Sounds like you’d agree with that approach, right?

I was recently lucky enough to have the chance to try the Rebel Rye porter brewed by a fellow homebrewer and thought it was terrific. The presence of whiskey was very well balanced and paired great with the spicy / earthy notes in this brew

Why would one brew a beer with a flavor they don’t like? Minute or not. I’m sure aging will mellow it out. If not you can give it to me, if it has a hint of Templeton Rye. :slight_smile:

It will probably benefit greatly from some time. Also, rye whiskey is a particularly strong flavor, and some people just don’t like it.