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First batch looking good

This is my first batch, and I have made a few of the beginners mistakes. Not having extra containers, that problem has been solved. Not having a blowoff hose that problem has been solved. I am only worried about my transfer method and oxidation, but it is doing fine if anything else I can drink it and give it to friends until its all consumed.Took first sample this morning, starting gravity was at 1.080 right now it is at 1.000 even.

Should I let it run a little longer or stop fermentation I know its my choice but still asking for some advice. At 7 a.m. I drank my sample and have one hell of a buzz maybe that’s why I am asking. The alcohol taste is prevalent, little cloudy just needs to clear, but it was smooth to the taste buds.

So some advice at this stage would be very useful.

Those are strong numbers, you should check or search " back sweetening" and “back Carbonation methods” they will give you some ideas on how to improve flavors. Allowing your cider to sit in a secondary and even a third racking along with time w ill blend flavor and mellow harshness. Try it in around x-mas and again in January, it will only get better.

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