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First batch, American Wheat

So this is a sigh of relief. This is my first batch and getting the wort into the primary fermenter was a comedy of errors. The boil and cold break went without incident but when I took the temp just before pitching the yeast, I dropped the thermometer into the wort. Total bush league, I know. Well, after trying without success to fish it out with my tongs I knew what I had to do. I pulled my sleeve up, sanitized my hand and arm, and reached in. As I retrieved the thermometer, my sleeve slipped and touched the wort!! I was crestfallen. I nearly poured it all out; thankfully, cooler emotions prevailed. Today was bottling day and I just bottled and took a sample to test the gravity. Although I expected infected beer when I opened the fermenter, everything looked and smelled fine so I took a sip of the sample and despite my best efforts, it tasted delicious!

American Wheat
ISG 1.051
FSG 1.011
Golden Cloudy
Slightly hoppy

Several threads on this forum kept me positive and gave great advice.
I can’t wait to drink the finished product! Next up, cream ale.

Perfect example of RDWHAHB (relax-don’t worry, have a home brew)

Welcome aboard!!! May your fermenter be always full!

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