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First attempt, small batch

I posted a message a week ago. Small batch of IPA been in primary fermentation for 18 days, and been in cold for 2 days, it’s still quite cloudy. Is it ok to leave in fermentation for so long? And if it doesn’t clear is it still ok to bottle?

No problem having the beer in the primary for that length of time. I plan a minimum of three weeks for my beers. Some yeasts clear very slowly. Which yeast did you use? What is the temperature of the beer now?

I didn’t note the yeast type, it was what came with the starter kit
Temperature is approx 4 Deg centigrade

Three weeks is a good rule of thumb. Stick it in the refrigerator for a few days to cold crash which will help it clear then bottle. It will clear in the bottle also

Thanks for advice
Attached photo shows pre bottling and the brew after its just been bottled
Still looks very cloudy

Your bottled beer looks like during bottle filling the trub form the bottom of the fermentor was picked up by the siphon.

Did you fill your bottles directly from the fermentor or did you rack to a bottling bucket first? How did you add the priming sugar for bottle carbonation?

In the picture of the fermentor it seems like the beer hasn’t begun to clear. Looks like a large amount of yeast is still in suspension. How many grams of yeast were included with the ingredients. On the home brew scale there is usually only two sizes of packets for dry yeast. Six grams and eleven grams. Eleven grams is sufficient for five gallons of beer up to about an OG of about 1.060. One-half a six gram packet would be pitching much more than required for a one gallon recipe. Was the amount of yeast used scaled for one gallon of beer in the fermentor?

Hold these bottle in a warm area for two to three weeks for carbonation pressure to develop. Cover the bottles to keep away from all light since these are clear glass bottles. After the carbonation has developed give the bottles a week or two in the refrigerator to encourage sediments to drop out and compact. Pour these very smoothly to keep the sediment in the bottle.

I think we can provide help so your second brew will be much more to your liking.

I used half the pack of yeast as provided, yes, I did probably siphon too much from the bottom of the primary fermenter. The bottles are in a heavy cardboard box in a warm area protected from.light.

Thanks for your response

I’d be a little nervous with the bottle that doesn’t have nearly enough beer in it.

Nervous? Do you mean excessive gas pressure? Should I discard?

Might not carb up like the others

Agree with @flars here. You should be ok in the end but it looks like the beer could’ve sat in fermentor another week or use the cold crash method. Gonna be a good bit of sediment when they settle so a very careful pour is a must.
I don’t know exactly what bottles those are (I’m guessing Heineken) but I would try to get some amber colored ones to help prevent light from skunking your beers.

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