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First attempt growing hops. With Pics

Please note that I plan to build a taller trellis prior to next years season.



Nice looking pics! Not everyone gets hop buds the first year so that’s awesome.

Are they all the same variety? I know you said you would build a bigger trellis later so if they are different varieties you would need more room to avoid them getting tangled at the top.

My hop crop is not looking so nice…aphid problems. You can see some of my pics if you want here: ... -2012.html

My plans for a trellis next year is 16 feet tall 4 ft underground with a top wire I can raise, lower, and tighten. From left to right they are Northern Brewer, Brewer’s Gold, and Willimette. My family immigrated from Peasmarsh, East Sussex,and Tenterden, Kent County England in 1830 and arrived in Sussex in 1836. They had a business called “Weaver Bros. Hops Brokers and Dealers” that lasted until 1896. Next year I would like to add UK Kent Gildings, and Cluster. Sorry for the novel.

That’s awesome, picking up the family tradition. Sounds like a good mix!

Holy Schnikes, 10 days from buds to cones.

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