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First Attempt at Kegging - Keg Question

So I built myself a 4 tap kegerator, got all the fixins, kegged my first brew and attached the gas yesterday. Beer all over! Whoops - nothing tight enough. Rethought the process, tightened everything down and then decided to test it tap by tap with Water!! Got two taps hooked up and both are perfect, but…

I left a keg half filled with water and pressurized so I could test my other two taps tomorrow. The keg of beer is hooked up to the tap and the gas. I went out earlier just to check my project and noticed the bottom of the freezer had some water in it. I checked the keg with water and saw that there was a small trickily of water coming out of the “out” connection. Anyone tell my why? The kegs were purchased from Keg Connection refurbished. Wondering if I have a bum connection.

Thanks in advance for any advice or help.

Tony A.

you most likely have a bad seal in your liquid disconnect (your “out” connection). either try to tighten it down with a wrench or let out the gas in your keg, unscrew it it your wrench and change the o-ring so it’s a tight fit.

O ring problem would be my first guess. Replace it and I bet it will be fixed.

Order a bunch of o rings and a few extra poppets. You won’t regret it

De-pressurize the keg, push on the poppet with a screwdriver to make it re-seat, and put the gas back on. If that doesn’t do it, remove the post, pull out the poppet, and put a tiny amount of keg lube on the rubber seal.

not sure if this was covered by the previous replies, it could be the Quick Disconnect itself. I have had liquid seep out of the top of these when they are not properly sealed. Stick an oversized screwdriver in the top where it looks like an oversized flathead screwdriver would go and turn it righty tighty. Thought i would mention it since it happened to me once? Cheers!

Thanks all. I got three other kegs hooked up and working fine - will give these suggestions try over the holiday. Kegging rocks! WooHoo!!!

Tony A.

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