First 5 Gallon batch

I just put my first batch into primary. After about 20 hours there was vigourous bubbling in the air lock. It bubbled like that for about 24 hours but now i havent seen a bubble in about 2 days. Is this normal or is something wrong. The temp has been between 64 and 68, maybe dropping to 60-62 at night. I am fermenting in a 6.5 gallon bucket so i can’t see what is going on in the inside and i really dot want to open the lid to check. I am brewing the Carribou slobber, any ideas? Thanks.

Everything is normal…leave it alone for at least 7 days. You do need to get your fermintation temperature down but at the temperature’s you ave what you are seeing is normal.

Fermentation generates heat. So if your air temp was in the upper 60’s, the beer was partying away in the low/mid 70’s. The have raced through the sugars.

A simple tub of water and some frozen water bottles will help keep the temps down for your next beer. Low 60’s are good to be at.

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Right on Thanks. I got the temp down to 61 and I plan on keeping it there for another 4 days then rack it to a 5 gallon glass carboy for the secondary. Do i keep the secondary at the same temp?

Give the beer at least 2 weeks before doing anything with it. There are other things the yeast do besides converting sugar to alcohol.

If you do so searching, some of us don’t transfer to a 2nd vessel. Other do.

Cooler temps are most important during the first 2-4 days (or so). Off flavors are believed to be produced in that time with a higher temp. So after the 1st week, you could stop changing out the frozen bottles. The water mass will help maintain a stable temp.