First 1 gallon JOAM mead ...fermenting is slow

I made my first JOAM mead with 1 tsp fleischman’s active dry yeast and store organic honey. I had some foaming on top of the fruit layer with slow bubbling in the air lock…one bubble per 7 seconds at 70F. From what I have read on the internet the fermentation should be more vigorous. Is this OK?

Yup, just fine!

Sipping a JOAM right now and have a problem getting past the cinnamon bite.
My advise for anyone doing this is to reduce the sticks like by half or half a stick.

This podcast covers newish yeast scheduling tactics to promote faster fermentation of meads. Three months instead of the usual 10-12 months that we are used to .

If you haven’t heard the “Beersmith Homebrewing” podcast yet, check it out, lots of great info and interesting guests.

Took mine to a party last night and it’s rocket fuel at 84 days. Will not make Christmas. :frowning: