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Firestone Walker Double DBA Imperial Special Bitter

I was given a couple of bottles of Firestone Walker Double DBA Imperial Special Bitter last night. Anyone had a chance to give it a try yet? May end up stashing it for a while.

Yep, its definitely one to put away for a while to let the maltiness fade a bit.

Kind of sounds like an IPA to me.

Had it loved it. Have two bottles aging now. I love almost anything from firestone.

Guess I really should crack one open to try before stashing back.

I’ve had this several times, including the Firestone Invitation Brewfest when they introduced it. It is definitely NOT an IPA. It tastes like a regular DBA meets a barley wine with a touch more oak. Have only had it on draught but going to pick up a couple bottles to age. It is a pretty amazing beer.

It’s not even meant to be an IPA, or anything close. Firestone Walker likes to blend the wort of different beers pre-fermentation. That’s the idea that their reserve series is based on. I was at an event in Ventura county CA and David walker was there and while getting several bottles of that, the sucaba barleywine and their anniversary mix, he told me all about it. Plus he signed some of the bottles. So that was cool

The bottle that I cracked open last night was exceedingly boozy.

I love their barrel aged series. My favorite is the Helldorado.

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