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Fining Agents - Flavor/Carbonation Loss


I’m trying to improve my bottled beer clarity. I’ve just started to you Whirlfoc on my newest brew. I’m wondering if I should also use some gelatin. Everything I’ve read online shows mixed reviews on using gelatin. My impression is that there is some loss of flavor.

I’ve also read about cold crashing and there mixed opinions about it being problematic with bottled beers.

Let me know what you thing.



I doubt you’ll notice a flavor loss with gelatin, except that your beer may lose “yeasty” flavors. That would be a good thing, though, for most styles.

Cold crashing won’t negatively affect bottling your beers. You will still have enough yeast in suspension to fully carbonate, though I suppose it may take longer.

IMO, the biggest impediment to beer clarity is chill haze, which is most likely a culprit of slow wort chilling. With whirlfloc, speedy chilling, cold crashing, and plenty of resting time in the bottle, you should have clear beers without the need for gelatin.

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