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Fining after forced carbonation

Last night I racked my bohemian pils into the keg and I noticed it was quite hazy. Normally I use gelatin fining, but I had not prepped it as I was thinking that after three weeks in the fermenter it would be fairly clear, but it appears the yeast still has not dropped out. I put 30 psi on the keg to get things sealed up good, and when I woke up this morning I thought that I should probably add gelatin fining to assist with clearing it up. So my question is after 12-18 hours under CO2 pressure would there be any issues with adding gelatin fining to the beer?

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Bleed off the pressure and add it. The colder the beer the better. Once you add the gelatin seal it back up, purge any air from the top of the keg, shake up the keg to mix in the gelatin, and put it back on the gas at 10-12 Psi. Give it a week to clear and carb.

I would just leave it. At keg temperatures it’ll clear up pretty quick.

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