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Finding the right size freezer?

Hello I a 6.5gal Big mouth bubbler an I am try to find the smallest size chest freezer that would fit one of those. The reason I trying to find the smallest is one I only brew 5gal batch’s an I live in a apartment Small space.

Take your fermenter and place it on a piece of cardboard. Trace and cut it out. Take that piece of cardboard to the store with you.


Don’t forget to measure height for airlock or blow off too so you don’t have to make a collar for it.

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I’ve looked twice now.
Upright freezers tend to have non-movable shelves, with refrigerant running through them that make it hard to hold buckets.
Upright fridges can work if you don’t mind wasting the vertical space on a useless ice box.
A 5.1 cu ft chest freezer will hold one bucket with so much extra space it will make you angry, but it will not hold 2.
A 7.1 cu ft chest freezer will hold two buckets, but is a waste of space if you only want one.

I’ve read about people who build chambers around dorm fridges, I have no carpentry skill, but maybe you do…

Mine is a 7.1 CU. FT. freezer. I like it very well, thank you… It will hold 2-6.5 gallon fermenters… OR, I can sneak 3 kegs in for aging/lagering… I will also keep yeast, in one gallon jugs, on the bump too, when temp is set low… I use the Johnson A419(?) controller too. Sneezles61

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