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Filtering your Beer

I have recently started filtering my beer with 1 micron filters.

Rack to a Keg
Filter from one Keg to another through a Filter.

I find that my beer is more clear but not 100% (if I disturb the keg.)

Thoughts on filtering beer?

That really surprises me. I don’t filter ales ever as I have noticed that it can strip flavors, especially at 1 micron. Plus they often drop clear within a week or 2 while carbing.

I will filter lagers to cut down on lagering time. At 1 micron they are crystal clear and the sediment in the keg is close to none. I mean very very close to none.

Are you pushing it through too fast?

I don’t filter any of mine… They sit quietly in the cold, drop alot particles… Then I rack to the keg… which goes in another cold keezer… I don’t need a crystal clear brew… I’m not bothered by it either… Some brews sit so long that they will become crystal clear all on their own… Heck, I’ve even got a half jar of gelatin if you want! Sneezles61

I will slow it down.

It does cut out a lot of the haze,
just not 100% at first.

I agree that Cold Conditioning and Time works the best.
Only a problem if you disturb the Keg.

I don’t filter any of my beers or use gelatin. I use irish moss or whirlfloc in the boil for fining. Cold conditioning/lagering gets the job done pretty quickly if the rest of your process is on point.

1 micron is not considered “sterile.” Fir that you’ll need .5 micron.

@sneezles61 I too find that my lagers will drop clear in about 3 weeks. Filtering not only clears them but it removes the tannins and other polyphenols which speeds up lagering. If I’m not in a hurry I often just let them sit and lager. But it is a nice option for me.

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