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Filtering with a hop sack

I really dont have the money for a filtration system so I thought I would throw this out there.

I have a kegging system and I know over time the beer will get clearer and clearer but I just wanted to get some of those floaters that slip through to be caught.

So my game plan, for this beer is to cold crash at 39 degrees or so for 2-3 days before kegging and then put a sanitized hop sack at the end of my siphon hose with a clamp to catch some debris.

Anyone think that is a bad idea or have something better?


I use those hop sacks all the time for hops. They make clean up a little easier. Not sure they are fine enough to do much good filtering. If you can get the beer temp down a little closer to freezing it will drop out more of the haze but 39 will work especially if the serving temp will be higher.

I use a knee high nylon stocking. Spray a little sanitizer on it first. Works great.

awesome idea, thanks for the info!

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