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Filler for Brewed/Kegged Sodas

Hey everyone,

Need some advice on small scale bottling of homemade sodas that are will be in kegs. Have tried a basic soda gun on the end of tubing just into the neck of a bottle but way too much carbonation is lost and fizzes too much.

I’m assuming I need something like this: ... iller.html ... iller.html

Either better than the other for single bottle line filling?

In the future I would like to custom make a multiple bottle filling line with up to 4 nozzles but I think at this point that would be too much for me.

I think the only way would be to have the sodas precarbonated and ready to go in kegs and then push them into bottles with one of the above options correct? There’s no good way to get into the bottle with a CO2 / liquid mixer like with a fountain drink dispenser is there? I would think too much foaming and lost carbonation that way.

Any thoughts would be appreciated before I start ordering parts.


This is what I’ve done and it works great (and is much cheaper). ... gun-24678/

Thanks! Will read that over. 100+ pages! =)

Question: With the beer gun or counter pressure hookup does the soda come in already carbonated from the keg/container or does it come in flat and mix at the gun connection and then into the bottle?

The soda (or whatever is being bottled) would already be carbonated. The idea behind counterpressure is to maintain pressure on the liquid as it’s being transferred in order to keep the dissolved C02 from coming out of solution.

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