anyone ever use fresh figs in any of their beers? would like to know what you did and how it came out.

Never used figs but Southern Tier has a christmas ale that uses figs, if you can get it in your area, give it a try. Maybe you can try their website for more info but they are very secretive bunch.

If I was to use some, I would finely chop them and add after fermentation is over. A small fermentation should start again because of the sugars in the figs.

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sorry bout the caps lock and thanks for the info. i just like having it on for some reason, not that im yelling :slight_smile:

Maybe your eyesight is deteriorating like mine! :oops:

I have once. Made a Belgian Dubbel. After primary fermentation was over, I chopped up 6oz of raisins and 6oz of figs into very tinny pieces. The figs pretty much turn to mush, but that’s good. I cooked the chopped up fruit in a wok using the Dubbel to deglaze. I continued to cook and deglaze until the mixture was pretty much mushy liquid, then added that to the fermentor and let it sit for a week. The beer turned out nice.

I can’t take full credit. Denny Conn suggested the cooking down and deglazing with the Dubbel.

I added a pound of fresh figs, pureed on high in a vitamix with some water to flameout on a gosebier. It came out great, but not exactly ‘figgy’. It was a gose with a really great aroma.

If I were to do it again, and if you want a fig profile, I would do an actual second fermentation with them. My method: once primary is completed, puree one pound per gallon, rouse up the yeast in the fermenter a bit, sanitize a paint bag, insert into the fermenter (this will help in spades when trying to siphon/bottle/keg), then add your figs and wait a few weeks. When its done the paint bag can be easily removed and you won’t have tons of sediment to clog your siphon/keg/etc.

Thanks for the input guys. Sounds good!