FG a little high NB St.Paul Porter. Or is it?

I brewed an extract kit of NB’s St. Paul Porter, to which I had added some cocoa powder during the final minutes of the boil. The OG came out at 1.060 (as opposed to the expected 1.052), and I used the Wyeast 1187 Ringwood.

Three weeks in the primary (after some of THE most active fermentation I have ever seen over the first few days - the airlock sounded like a maraca) at temps in the mid-60s and I did a reading today and the gravity was 1.019.

Does that seem a bit high? Still puts the ABV in the 5.3% range. I guess I’m concerned about bombs once I bottle.

Drank my reading sample and it was tasty, so who knows…

A dark extract kit like that one should be pretty much done at 1.019. I would not worry about BBombs. 3 Weeks you should be good to go.

In the future a good way to lower your F.G. is to use corn sugar. You have to replace some of the malt extract with the sugar as just adding sugar will not dry it out. Try replacing 0.65 lb. of the base extract with 0.5 lb. sugar. Also some extracts finish drier. I believe that Bress Malt Extracts attenuate well.
Wait three days and take another reading, if it is the same thats all you are going to get and can bottle.

I brewed the St Paul Porter w/vanilla beans using the dry yeast option. OG was 1.052 and FG came out at 1.012. I would guess that 1.019 would be about right since your OG was 1.060?

Sounds like whatever you used to measure your water is off. 68% attenuation isn’t terrible.