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Few questions about hops and grain cost at NB

Few things that I have questions on that have been lingering :blah:

  1. When a recipe calls for .25 or .50 oz of one hop variety, what should I do with the rest of the hops? Will they go bad quickly in a non vacuumed sealed package? I only brew once a month.

  2. When a recipe calls for .5lb or less of a grain, should I buy a full lb of grain and save it? I buy my stuff at northern brewer milwaukee, and they charge per lb. So if I only need .25lb of a specialty grain, I might as well buy the full lb?

Think that is all I have :slight_smile:

Hops and crushed grain will be all right for a couple months in the freezer. Squeeze the air out of the bags then put them in zip lock bags.

Are you saying you can only buy in increments of a pound when you buy grain at NB? Do they not have a calculator that can figure out the price per ounce if you want less than a pound? I am confused…

NB only sells grain by the Lb.

However, all there grain is categorized into three price ranges, blue, yellow, and red.

They will let you but and amount you want, as long as it adds up to a Lb. so 4oz. of 4 different “red” grain will sell for same price as 16oz. of one “red” grain.

They are pretty flexible on the mix and match with the grains and I have never had any issues.

You shouldn’t have any trouble storing malt and hops if you brew monthly.

I keep the odds and ends of one ounce hop packs in a mason jar in the freezer. Generally, they get mixed and used for hop bursting and dry hopping.

Just keep the malt cool, dry and in something that’s fairly air-tight.

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