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This is my 5th time of brewing this one. 10 gallons…
8 lbs Pils
8 lbs Marris Otter
1 lbs wheat
1 lbs C-120
My water correction for pH is to use citric acid…
Hops I like to use northern brewer 1.5oz. for bittering, or should I say… balance.
At flame out, 4 oz cascade.
My OG has been right around 1.045… This is just a nice little drinking ale… I will be using Kviek Voss.


I’m doing a similar recipe today but substituting the Pils for golden Promise and the c-120 for 1/2lb of Special B

11 gallons in the fermenters, 1.047 was my OG… I used 2 oz Northern brewer hops pre boil, 6% AA, then post boil 3 oz German tettnang, 3.6% AA… One of the fermenter will get some dry hopping… cascades… Just playing around here. Sneezles61

So another update… I started the yeast yesterday… Pitched today at about 2… Its bubbling away! To me, I now haven’t any worries about this brew… I would suspect I had enough yeast cake to fill 8 Whites lab “old” vials… I don’t do a yeast calculator’s… I’m not that… into it! Sneezles61

Done fermenting now… I’ll push one of the fermenters into a keg, hit it with Bio-clear… put it in the keezer, tomorrow I can force carb. Sneezles61

That was quick

Ooh, I would enjoy that one. Yum.

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Me plan for monday a heffeweisen. 3 days off so early session. Like 5 am.

I really don’t think the Bio stuff changes much that I can tell… A very green brew, yet, small in nature, makes it quick to turn around… Remember, I did 11 gallons to the keg… I’d be curious how different they become. Sneezles61

FG was 1.005… That puts this one just over 5% ABV… In the Keezer chilling and the gas is going through the liquid post…
So I changed up my racking… Just to see if this would be better… I pushed the primary into a CO2 purged keg… I put bio-clear in yesterday morning… Now I put the keg into the keezer for cold crashing… See, I’m trying a different way to eliminate O2 from my process… This was an easier method.
Dave, mon over on Thanks giving… Turkey loaf and cider and a few brews! Sneezles61

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