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Fermentis 34/70 Dry Lager Yeast

I’m confused by the instructions for this yeast. It says to rehydrate at about 75F, or alternatively to sprinkle directly into wort, as long as it’s no lower than 68F. But it’s a lager yeast, and I planned to ferment a pilsner at around 50F. If I go with the rehydrate, then it’s going from 75F into 50F wort. If I sprinkle, it starts fermenting at 68F, which is not such a great temp for a lager fermentation.

How do people use this yeast to get a good lager ferment?

I cool the wort, sprinkle, and then start lowering the temperature from there. I ferment at the higher end of the range

I rehydrated it and. Just dumped that into the 50sh wort. Never gave it much thought. It worked just fine.

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Same. Love Saflager w-34/70. I’ve done several lager series with it.

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As the others have said above. If you were really worried you could chill the wort about 5° per hour and add it to the yeast slurry as to not shock it. Essentially that is what I do.

I have temp controlled Conicals. I build my yeast at room temp and pitch at room temp. I drop the temps 5°/hour until I reach 50°.

Only used it once and the lag time was so long I refused to even save the slurry. Very annoying yeast. Maybe because I didn’t treat it right and expected it to deal with the lager fermentation temperature like a real yeast…

Nah, your treatment of the yeast was just fine…it is infamous as a slow starter as documented in multiple threads on this forum alone( I saw your 2015 thread). Apparently if you rehydrate, pitch enough yeast(? you pitched 4 packs!!! :flushed:), and keep your fingers crossed it might become active at 36 hours! On repitch performance improves per forum regulars.
I don’t remember any specific problems last Winter with a doppelbock that I pitched two packs into…lucky I guess. My notes don’t reflect a problem there…it does make nice lagers in the end.

Interesting tidbit, I found while reviewing; Denny did not advocate using oxygen for dry yeast as it was/ is unnecessary ?

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