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It has only been about a day and the bubbles have slowed down to almost a stop. Is this normal? Brewing the slobber in a 1 gallon small batch kit. First attempt at brewing, ever.

Yes it can be normal. What temp is the fermenter at?

It’s about 70. Should I wait the required 2 weeks before bottling.

70* is on the upper end of the temp range. You will likely like the outcome better if you ferment in the lower 60’s. You beer will still be good as is.

Yes, leave the beer alone for 14-21 days. There are byproducts product during fermentation that they yeast “clean up” during this time.

I just brewed a Chocolate Oatmeal Stout using 1056 yeast. After 24 hours it was bubbling so much it came out of the top of my airlock as well as the blow off tube. It continued this pattern for about 48 hours. This morning when I checked it, it seemed to almost have completely stopped bubbling. At first I did not know if I lost yeast from all the krausen being lost. Hopefully the beer is all good. I’m planning on taking a reading by thursday.

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