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Fermenting with fruit

Specifically peaches, we brewed a hefe, fermented it down to 1.009, then added 5lbs of peaches (and 5 habaneros) to 2nd (5 gal batch)
I went to check on it this morning and the peaches (I assume it’s the peaches) started fermentation again. SO, my question is how do I tell what my FINAL gravity is, if it changes from 1.009 to where ever it decides to stop?
The peaches and peppers have been in there for 1 night, I was planning on keeping them in for a week (depending on taste), thoughts?

Take a hydrometer reading in about 5 days, and again at 7. If they’re the same, then that’s your new FG and the yeast are done eating the fruit sugars. If it’s still dropping by day 7, leave it longer until you get consistent gravity readings.

Going to make one like this for the wife except with blackberries. Target ABV will be around 4.5% since she is a lightweight. Going to make a 2 1/5 gallon batch and put about 2 lbs of frozen blackberries in the secondary. Figured I would shoot for a TG of 1.045 and let it go from there. How much additional gravity can I expect to get so I can adjust? ... d=5762&v=2 ... px?id=2026

I’m not sure if I figured this right…

From the above sites. 2lb of black berries = 907g. 1 serving of black berries 144g = 14g carbs.

Sugar: 200g = 200g carbs.

907g/144 = 6.3 servings X 14g = 88.2g carbs. Or 88.2grams of sugar. Which is .19lbs or 1.02 in 5 gallons.

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