Fermenting to fast?

I got my wort into my primary fermenter last night come back and check on it today and it has pushed all of the water out of one side of my airlock into the other and its bubbling nonstop. Is this something i should be worried about? Or should I just let it do its thing?

Let it do it’s thing. This is expected with vigorous initial fermentation. Try to always keep some fluid in the airlock, preferably starsan solution or cheap vodka. Water potentially could cause an infection in the beer if sucked back in e.g. by quick change in temp. (Although this seems unlikely)

Let it do its thing if you are controlling the fermentation temperature. Fermentation temperatures that are to warm can produce some terrible off flavors.

Ive switched away from the air locker because it has sucked the fluid back in too… I found that the bung that has an in dented shape with the opening creating a nipple will accept a 1/2" tubing. put the two together and put the loose end in a growler with water…. called a blow off hose! Works great! Sneezles61

This. At an absolute minimum, place the fermentation bucket or carboy into a bin with 3-4 inches of water in it. This will make it harder for the fermentation activity to raise the temp of the beer. Remember yeast activity can raise the beer temp 5 degrees or more above the ambient temp.