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Fermenting issues with a 1 gallon kit

I purchased my first 1 gallon kit (did 5 gallon kits previously) just to try the Whitehouse Honey Ale. I did everything per directions, paying close attention to cleaning and sanitizing. I brewed this batch in the evening, cooled it to ~70* then pitched the yeast. The next morning I came down and it had fermented violently and had come out the airlock and a puddle was under the carboy. I thought leaving about 3" headspace was enough, I was wrong. Per the directions, I only pitched 1/2 the package of yeast. After cleaning up the mess and cleaning and re-sterilizing the airlock, I re-installed it and since then there have been no bubbles at all. After watching it for about 24 hours, I decided to pitch the other 1/2 packet of yeast thinking this might get things going. It has now been 48+ hours since I have done that and there is still no bubbling, none at all. Is this batch ruined or is there something I can do to save it? I have not had this issue with the 5 gallon batches I have done. Thanks.

I brew one gallon beers exclusively at the moment so just let me tell you, your beer is ok and you have nothing to worry about. Well, I don’t know what pitching the other half of the yeast will do but it should be ok. Anyway, what happened to you happened to me the first time I brewed one gallon extract.

Seems to me that extract plus half a packet of yeast, which is actually quite a bit for one gallon, causes a very quick and very active fermentation and it will be the most active during the first 24 hours.

What I have done, which I suggest, is use a blow off tube and stick the other end in a bucket with clean or sanitized water. You might have to change the water once or twice but it will keep messes from happening. After a few days you can switch back to airlock if you so choose.

Thanks for the information. I pitched the other half of the yeast in a moment of desperation without giving a lot of thought to the end result. I hope it doesn’t taste too “yeasty”. I thought maybe much of the original yeast may have been lost or something when it spewed out the airlock. I didn’t realize that it could be mostly done within the first 24 hours as that is not what I am used to.

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