Fermenter Not Sealed for 24 Hours

Last night at 9pm I put my fermenter away to begin the fermentation process. However, tonight when I got off work I checked to see if it was bubbling and didn’t see anything going on in the airlock. I felt around the lid and noticed it wasn’t completely sealed. I pushed down on the lid and it popped into place and now it is actively bubbling. Did I ruin this batch?

Your fine don’t worry about it

If fermentation had finished then yes it would be a bad thing, in this case the beer should be fine.

The yeast will produce a layer of CO2 during active ferm, which keeps pressure higher in your vessel than the surrounding air. This should keep any nasties out of your beer. Now that it’s sealed…you’re good.

I’ve done this a time or two, and the end product was just fine.RDWHAHB

Some breweries still perform completely open fermentations. Nothing at all to worry about.

thanks for the replies everyone!