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Fermenter additions for sour styles?

What are people adding to the FV or boiling kettle at flameout in their sours to make them interesting? Fruit? Syrups? Herbs?


i have a lot of fruit growing on my land so i use it. Currants and Boysenberries work well in kettle sours, also have made a nice gose with store bought cranberry juice. Ive had some sour IPA which I really liked but havnt gotten around to making. I used to play around with barrel aging for those I would mostly use malt forward English style ales and introduce Brett which gives a lot of character. A sour porter is really good

I’ve made a lot of sours and try to strike a balance with a little fruit and most of the souring coming from the yeast, either brett or something like Philly Sour. Blood Orange concentrate and sour cherries tend to be my favorite fruits

I have added raspberry puree and lactose to my sours. The lactose sweetens it up and its called a tart shake here. The sour and sweet is a good combination. I was surprised when my daughter selected this brew over kolsch, imperial stout, a coconut brown ale for her wedding.

Sours are great for any fruit addition. I kettle sour so after boiling to kill the lacto I’ll chill down to 170° and add some of those ‘fruitier’ hops. Another thing I’ll do is dry hop with those hops.

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