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Fermentation Webcam

Hi all. So being away from my stout fermenting away this weekend had me thinking about setting up a webcam for my beer. My only concern is having enough light to see what is going on (I ferment in a fridge). I know light can be bad and skunk up the beer. So I was thinking about using one of those low light LED night lights for my lighting. Thoughts? Other ideas?

Your beer will ferment without you watching it.

Incandescent should be fine. Flourescent, neon, black light, sun light all = bad. It’s the Ultra Violet spectrum that causes a chemical reaction with the alpah acids in the hops, which makes your corona skunky. Brown bottles filter the harmful spectrum out. Also, the spectrum on a primary can supposedly cause rubber band flavors. I’ve always kept my primaries covered so I’ve never experienced the rubber band.


time lapse fermentation videos are always fun to watch :cheers:

Yes. Yes it will but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to take a peek. :mrgreen:

It won’t ferment if it knows you’re watching. :wink:

Along the lines of “A watched pot never boils”…“A watched carboy never ferments”!!! heh

Well, before I had the fridg I had it in my bedroom. I would let the sweet sounds of fermenting beer send me to sleep. I kinda miss it… :stuck_out_tongue:

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