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Fermentation temperature range

This question has prolly been asked a bunch of times but here goes: I am using Safale US-05, the optimum temperature range stated is 54 to 70 F. I’ve been fermenting around 58 to 60 and the brews are always good. Is there a difference in yeast performance near the higher range or lower or does it even matter?

Personally I tend to run US-05 around 64-66 depending on the time of year. I’ve never used it below 60, gotten as low as around 62 in the winter. There may be some additional esters at the higher end of the range, but I’ve always experienced it to be incredibly clean at these temperature ranges and have had very good success with it.



I am also trying for a nice clean ferment. It seems like the cooler the cleaner…maybe my imagination. It takes an additional day or so to complete but what’s one day. Also, after pitching the yeast, I hit it with 50-60 seconds of oxygen and the fermentation starts pretty quickly.

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Warmer temps will ferment faster, but at the cost of off flavors. Too warm, and you’ll get undrinkable off flavors.

That’s true but would need to go higher than 70 for that.

Yea, US-05 is pretty foolproof in that regard.

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Many people report getting a peachish flavor from us-05 at cooler temps, 62° or lower. I’ve never tried it and like @radagast keep it in the 65° range.

AT this range why don’t you give 34/70 a shot. You could also use give quick lager methods a shot to unlock that achievement.

Unless you use different yeast strain who can handle high fermenting temp. You have less off flav

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